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Client Testimonials


"I chose dSPACE because I was impressed with their ability to think through a complex project and simplify it. And, most importantly, because dSPACE had passion and were capable...There were no financial surprises which was delightful."  more

"Working with a boutique firm like dSPACE, you really feel like you are a priority. They are always looking out for our best interests. We always felt like we were their number one priority; our project was never pushed aside."  more

"dSPACE understood very early on what we liked. Together, we created a modern design that’s warm and comfortable, and tailored exactly to our style. We were very impressed with how everything was handled."  more

"dSPACE brought all partners together to brainstorm, exploring how to do things the best possible way. They brought new ideas to each meeting. Their goal was to build the best house possible, and I just trusted them!" more

"The experience of working with dSPACE was creative, organized, honest, clear, on time, in budget, and fun! The team created an artistic vision that was anchored in financial reality."  more


"dSPACE had great ideas with regard to lighting, materials, and landscape design and provided guidance and helpful input during the construction process.more

"We are so happy we picked dSPACE! After interviewing multiple firms, it was clear that dSPACE was the best choice. They have the talent and expertise of a big firm and the personalized attention and focus of a boutique firm. We spoke to just about every reference, and they all had only positive things to say.more

"We love this team, and we were very happy working with them! The design process was collaborative and enjoyable from the start. They were really great about listening to our ideas and created a completely custom project."  more

"Having dSPACE as your advocate throughout the construction process is priceless. dSPACE challenged us to think about our goals—in the best way possible—to further develop them while being realistic and within budget. Throughout our entire project they effectively handled every detail."  more


"They are good listeners, good communicators, and very open to feedback. They also were very good at explaining their ideas and concepts and helped me understand their vision for the space."  more

"We chose dSPACE because of their experience with complex projects, attention to detail, and unique modern style. There was complete transparency on how design choices would impact budget, timeline, and quality. dSPACE helped us sleep better during construction—we were confident that no stones would be left unturned." more

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