Fennville, Michigan 


This new vacation home is designed to reinterpret the language of a traditional farm house for a couple from Chicago.  Set on twenty acres of land that was a former nursery, the structure employs creative massing and use of several roof styles to suggest a cluster of smaller out buildings, commonly seen on farms in the area. 


Program requirements included separate public and private living spaces, great room with separate dining space, four ensuite bedrooms, two offices, screen porch dining area with fireplace, personal gym, tennis court, and a pool and pool house.


The front of the home faces north and is modeled closely on the architecture of farms in the area.  The sides of the home transition to the back of the home, where traditional farm house elements breakdown to reveal large expanses of glass which maximize the views south and west across the land.   


Passive heating and cooling is achieved by siting the home to capture prevailing lake breezes as well as through the use of louvers and adjustable shutters on all sun exposed windows.  A three story atrium in the center of the home acts as a cooling tower, venting warm air through motorized windows in the clerestory.